20101012-IMG_1879-3I believe that the body has an inherent wisdom to heal itself and an intrinsic freedom of movement. Our bodies are physically challenged throughout life and as such, many times we lose the ability to tap into what the body truly needs in order to achieve optimal movement. My approach to physiotherapy has transformed over the many years I have been practicing and I strive to have my treatments support the body’s natural ability to move freely, confidently, and without discomfort. As such, each treatment is unique for each individual and the focus is primarily on finding a way to encourage the body towards healing and optimal movement.

I began my physiotherapy training under a talented and world-renowned manual therapist practitioner and instructor in the Fraser Valley. I was in awe of what he was able to feel and treat with his hands. Through many years of practice and continuing education I found my own path in the ‘hands-on’ approach. While I continue to use my orthopaedic manual therapy skills I have diversified my skill set to include visceral manipulation and my special interest, pelvic floor physiotherapy.

From injured athletes to new moms, I draw upon my training in various fields of the physiotherapy profession and use a variety of techniques and approaches for each client’s unique needs. Sometimes the body needs a lot of encouragement and sometimes the body just needs a small nudge to initiate the return to its natural state of balance and fluidity.

I am happy to answer any questions about the services I provide or any other inquiries you may have. Please go to the Contact page for information on how to reach me.